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Official Announcement of Job Opening for a Full-time Foreign Faculty

Yong In University


I. Available Position

1. Field of Employment and Number of Person(Non-tenure track)
College Department Concentration Nationality Number Note
Business &
English Humanities Foreign
1 * Native speaker of
* English-related
majors are preferred
Total 1

II. Qualification for Application

1. Basic Qualification
1) Applicants who have the following educational background from universities or higher educational institutions by the deadline of application.
     ① Holder of doctor’s degree (Ph.D.) or expected to receive by August 2015
     ② Holder of master’s degree (please refer to the table below):
     * 2 years or longer teaching and research experience of university level in the inviting field is required
     * teaching experience of less than 5 hrs per week is not qualified
2) Applicants must have a foreign nationality as the date of submission date
3) Applicants must have either English, Humanities, or other relevant majors  
① English related majors (English Literature, English Linguistics, EnglishE ducation, etc.)
② Humanities (Philosophy, Psychology, Education, Journalism, Library & Information Science, etc.)

《Qualification Rate of Teaching and Research Experiences after Acquisition of Master's Degree》
(only university level experiences)
degree qualification rate of
prior education
teaching experience
  Holder of doctor's Degree
  (Ph.D.) or expected to
  receive by August 2015
300% (3 years) Fully Qualified (0%)
Tenured Faculty in
Korea or foreign
100% (per year) More than 2 years of
teaching experience in
university is required
Full time instructor
in Korean
70% (per year) More than 3 years of
teaching experience in
university is required
Part time instructor
in Korean
university and/or
foreign university
5 hrs per week : 50%
additional 10% per hour
10 hrs per week : 100%
Below 5 hrs per week of
teaching experience is
not qualified
※ All applicants must meet above qualifications to apply. All other applicants without satisfying qualifications are disqualified to apply. Although we receive application for disqualified applicants, it will be dismissed.
4) Revoke appointment and disqualified conditions
① After appointed, if identity, crime, academic background, career experience, and immigration related violation of the law has occurred, appointment will be cancelled.
② If the applicant does not receive expected doctor’s degree (Ph.D.) by August 28, 2015, the applicant will be dismissed (Ph.D. certificate is required by August 28, 2015)

III. Conditions for appointment
1. Appointment Date & Contract Period
   1) Appointment Date: Sep. 1, 2015
   2) Contract Period: 2 years (contract can be renewed by university employment contract regulations)

2. Salary & Credit Hours & Benefits
   1) Annual Salary: ₩32,424,000 (tax & utility costs included) + overtime lecture fee
   2) Teaching Requirement: 9 hrs per week
   3) Either university housing (studio apartment for single) or monthly living expenses will be provided
   4) Required Working Hours: minimum of 4 business days per week
   5) Office will be shared with another faculty member

Ⅳ. Application Process
1. Job Posting Period: June 25, 2015 (Thurs) ~ July 10, 2015 (Fri)
2. Application Period: July 6, 2015 (Mon) ~ July 13, 2015 (Mon) 17:00
3. Required Documents Submission Period: July 6, 2015 (Mon) ~ July 16, 2015 (Thurs) 17:00
4. Application Procedures (two options):
1) Please submit all the printed required documents along with the application form in USB to the Academic Affairs & HR Division at Yong In University by visiting, postal service, or parcel service.
2) After submitting application form and required documents via email, printed required documents should be received to the Academic Affairs & HR Division at Yong In University by visiting, postal service, or parcel service.
5. Postal address:
Academic Affairs & HR Division
Yong In University
134 Yongindaehak-ro, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si Gyeonggi-do,
Korea (449-714)
Telephone: +82-31-8020-2509, 2919

V. Required Documents

1. University application form can be download from our homepage: or  Click here. (curriculum vitae, self introduction, etc., through the application format)
* Applicants expected to receive doctor’s degree (Ph.D.) by August 2015 should submit the certification of the expectant documents for 2 and 3 questions below.
2. A copy of official academic transcripts (BA, MA, Doctoral degree)
3. A copy of either degree certificate or copy of diploma:
   1) Degree certificates (BA, MA, Doctoral degree)
   2) Diploma (BA, MA, Doctoral degree)
4. A copy of certificate of working experience (all working experiences should be listed in the application form as well)
   1) If previously employed in Korea, a certificate of working experience must be submitted
   2) If previously employed outside of Korea, a letter of reference from employer for each job must be
5. A copy of Alien Registration Card (front and back side, if available)
6. A copy of passport (first two pages)
7. A copy of Master’s and Doctor’s degree (Ph.D.) dissertations
8. Publications for the past 4 years
* additional submission of documents will be notified to the accepted applicants

Ⅵ. Further Details

1. The contract begins on Sep. 1, 2015.
2. Employment screening will be terminated when there is falsification or discrepancy in the submitted documents which include research studies.
3. Contract will be nullified even after the appointment if the applicant violates the rules of teacher's qualification by verification of criminal record, falsification, or discrepancy in the submitted documents.
4. The university holds no responsibility for disadvantage caused by incomplete application form, recording mistakes, or incomplete submission of documents.
5. All certificates should be original and would not be returned.
6. Evaluation criteria for teaching and research qualifications should follow the university regulations.
7. There may be no appointment if there are no eligible candidates for the concentrated major.
8. Please create and indicate Skype ID in the application form for applicants abroad for the 3rd interview.
9. Circumstances which are not specified in this notice will follow the university regulations regarding personnel and decisions by the personnel committee for faculty.
10. Interview schedule and further details will be provided through phone, text message, or email.
11. Contact Information
   All inquiries should be directed to:
   Prof. Kyung-Sook Minn (Head of the English Department)
   Office: 031) 8020-2615 (+82-31-8020-2615)
   All application materials should be directed to:
   Academic Affairs & HR Division
   Yong In University
   134 Yongindaehak-ro, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si Gyeonggi-do, Korea (449-714)
   Telephone: 031) 8020-2509, 2919 (+82-31-8020-2509, 2919)

Ⅶ Screening Criteria
1. The first stage
Category Evaluation point Scores  Note
Education &
Education Conformity to major,
Acquired degree
0 ~ 20
Teaching or
1 years 5 5 ~ 30
2 years
3 years  15
4 years 20
5 years  25
6 years  30

2. The second stage

Category Evaluation point Scores  Note
of major
Teaching or research
Conformity to major 0 ~ 15
Certificate Acquirement of related
0 ~ 5 Certificates
related to
Alma mater and GPA GPA and reputable
0 ~ 10
(Dissertations, books,
& other experiences
related to education)
Qualitative evaluation 0 ~ 20

3. The third stage: Interview
Category Evaluation point  Scores Note
as a teacher
Method and attitude
(teaching method and confidence)
Creative academic contribution
Applicant's ability to answer the questions
Duration of staying in Korea
Personality and dignity as a teacher
Description of ideal teaching method
Opinion on appropriate method of student counseling
Interest and understanding of the university and Korea

《Interview Format
Category Applicants residing in Korea
Applicants residing outside
Interview Face to Face (on campus) Skype (ID should be provided in
the application), Video Conference
or Interview via Telephone

Institution Name  Yongin University
Location  Yongin-shi, Gyounggi-do, South Korea
Posted on  June 26, 2015
Deadline  July 13, 2015
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