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Faculty Recruitment Announcement

Gyeongsang National University

[English Version]

Gyeongsang National University, the flagship national university located in Gyeongnam(Southeastern) Province, Republic of  Korea, is recruiting enthusiastic and progressive foreign professors willing to contribute to Gyeongsang National University.


I.    Subject Areas and Number of Openings (full-time faculty members)




Subject Area

Position Opening

College of Business Administration

International Trade

International Finance



II.  Eligibility Criteria

A.      Basic Qualifications 
1)      All applicants must be able to lecture in English.
    After being hired, one should open one or more lectures in English each semester starting from the 2nd and 3rd semester, and this condition will be specified in the contract.
2)      No applicant shall have any reason to be disqualified as a government employee under the provisions of the Public Employee Act, Clause 4 of Article 10.
3)      Applicants should have 4 years or more teaching and research experiences based on the Regulations on the Professor Qualification Criteria of the Ministry of Education. (including Masters and Ph.D. course period)
 * Actual course period will be only recognized, up to two years for Master and three years for Ph.D.
    Please refer to GNU Guidelines for Professor Qualification Examination.
B.      Educational Requirements: Applicants should hold a doctoral degree in a relevant field (the degree must be in hand by the date of application):

* Doctoral (Master) Degree Holder means that an applicant must have a degree in hand by the application deadline, i.e., any ABD applicants who have defended their dissertations but not received their degrees are not eligible for Employment.

C.      Research Requirements (Please refer to for screening criteria.)

Legitimate Percentage of Research Result Points According to Number of Authors: single author 100%; 2 authors 70%; 3 authors 50%; 4 authors or more 30%; The first author or the corresponding author 80%. If there are multiple first or corresponding authors, the first author whose name is placed ahead of others will be recognized; and the corresponding author whose name is place at the end will be recognized. Exceptionally, a corresponding author whose name is not located at the end may be recognized if he/she can prove their responsibility as the corresponding author.
1)      Application for Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts and Physical Education must have publications adding up to 200 percent (including two publications as a first author) for the past 3 years (Nov. 16, 2014~Nov. 15, 2017) in SCI, SCIE, A&HCI, SSCI, SCOPUS, or a journal registered, or a candidate to be registered, in the list of the National Research Foundation of Korea
2)      Research publications for screening(excluding research nominated to be published)

  Research accomplishments in an applied subject area must be written in a form and content of publications.

  Proof of publication (authors, title, source, publisher, and ISSN) must be written on the List of Research publications (form provided) and attached on copies or original publications.

* One of the following documents can be used as an alternative to the above:

- Proof from a publishers website (must be printed in color);

- Notarized copies from national or public libraries

  Dates of publication, presentation or registration of all research publications to be screened must be within the last three years (Nov. 16, 2014~Nov. 15, 2017)

  A publication released on a website must be accompanied by a hard copy and state its volume number, page count, and publication date. (If there is difference between the publication date of the hard copy and the date of web publication, the applicant can choose the date between them).

  Any publication released on a website without a hard copy must state its volume number, page count, and publication date. (A printout of the relevant page from for SCI publications or for publications or a journal registered, or a candidate to be registered, in the list of the National Research Foundation of Korea, must be submitted).

  If a research was published as a book, the entire book shall be submitted.
An applicant should submit information including publication date, research title, and its volume, page and ISSN, and author status(first author or corresponding author) in highlight with a color pen.


III.    Required Documents(one of the two copies must be original)

Note: All supportive documents including publications must be organized in order with sequential No.
List of documents required

Please bind documents by clips or staples in two sets in the following the sequence. (Do not make a book):

 Download GNU format

A. Application form (form provided)


2 copies

B. List of publications (form provided)


2 copies

C. List of teaching and research experiences (print it out after online application)


2 copies

D. Degree certificates and academic transcripts (BA, Masters and Doctoral degrees)


2 copies

E. Teaching and future research statement (up to 5 pages; A4-sized)


2 copies

F. Letter of recommendation (up to 3 letters)

- i.e. academic advisors in your home institution


1 copy

G. Work certificates (for all experiences that are listed on the teaching and research experiences, see VI-Application Submission)


2 copies

H. A copy of license or certificate(if applicable)


2 copies

I. Summary of masters and doctoral degree dissertations and research papers(download from the relevant webpage)


2 copies

J. Masters and doctoral degree dissertations


2 copies

K. Publications for the past three years. (Do not include publications that are expected to be published.)


2 copies

All copies other than original ones must contain verification stamp/seal to prove its authenticity.

IV.   Application Period

  Online application: Oct. 31, 2017 (Tue.) ~ Nov. 15, 2017 (Wed.) 15:00

  Submitting required documents: Nov. 9, 2017 (Thur.) ~ Nov. 15, 2017 (Wed.) 17:00



V.    Place for Application

  Office of Academic Affairs, Gyeongsang National University (Administration Building #1, 2nd Floor)

501 Jinju-daero, Jinju, Gyeongnam, 52828, Republic of Korea



VI.    Submission of Application


A.     How to apply

1)  An applicant visits the webpage for online application (, and input all the required information - application form, research publications, work experiences of education, research, and others.

2) After printing out all the information online, the applicant should submit all required documents to the GNU Office of Academic Affairs by postal service or in person no later than Nov. 15(Wed.), 2017.

B.      Online Application

1)      Online application webpage:

2)      Application period: Oct. 31(Tue.) ~ Nov. 15(Wed.) 15:00, 2017 (Korean local time)

3)      Application documents such as application form must be filled in correctly and the applicant is responsible for any disadvantage caused by false, mistaken, or missing information. And in case of redundant applications for two or more recruitment fields, all applications are canceled.

4)      If you cannot upload your photo, attach it to the application form and submit it.


C.         Submitting required documents

1)      Those who completed online application are only obliged to submit required documents.

2)      If those who completed online application but do not submit required documents to the Office of Academic Affairs from Nov. 9(Thur.) to Nov 15(Wed.) 15:00, 2017, will be considered invalid application.

Submitting documents in person is preferable. If submitted by postal service, the application will be responsible for any incomplete documents or information.

 3)       Documents submitted must contain applicants signature. Please note that any application with incomplete documents will not be accepted under any circumstances.

D.     Work certificates in Korea (all experiences stated on the list of teaching and research experience).

1)       All certificates submitted must be original (if this is not possible, copies are acceptable but the original must be submitted later).
Work certificates for experience as a part-time lecturer, or as an invited or adjunct professor, and other part-time teaching experience must specifically state weekly class hours and work period.
If selected candidates have work experiences other than those stated above, they must submit relevant documents proving that it was a full-time paid occupation of eight hours or more per day, regular position, responsibility, and contact information of the issuing institution.

E.      Certification written in foreign languages (i.e. degrees, work certificates)

1)      Documents written in foreign languages must be accompanied by Korean language translation having stamp or signature of the translator on it and issuing institution s phone number, fax number and Email address should also be stated at the bottom of the translation certificate.  
Applicants who received doctoral degree in a foreign country must submit a receipt of doctoral degree report to National Research Foundation of Korea and a copy of doctoral degree.
If an applicant need to submit copies, he/she must bring originals to make it possible for them to be compared with copies and he/she may submit the copies after confirmation.

4)      Research or teaching assistant certificates from foreign universities

- Work certificates must be issued by presidents of relevant universities (specifying position held, period of employment, salary, etc.).

- If work certificates issued by presidents are not available, work certificates by authorized representatives can be submitted as an alternative (specifying position held, job description, period of employment, salary, etc.).

* Successful applicants must submit for apostilles or notarized documents issued by either Korean diplomatic missions in the related foreign countries or related foreign countries' diplomatic missions in Korea for any documents written in foreign languages.



VII.             Important Notes

A.     Employment contracts will be approved by the university faculty personnel committee, after reviewing candidates selected publications and background checks (assistant professor 4 years; associate professor 6 years; professor 3 years). Annual salary and pay increases will be decided by Performance-based Payment Regulation.

A.      The expected employment date will be March 1, 2018, but the date is subject to change according to individual departments.

B.      Approval regarding double major and minor of an undergraduate program will be decided by the Specialization Judging Committee.

C.      Positions may not be filled if there is no qualified candidate.

D.      If an unqualified applicant has been accepted or employed based on false information given in the application form or falsification of supporting documents, the acceptance or employment will be revoked.

E.      Any matters not specified above will be handled according to GNU's regulations.
An applicant will take full responsibility caused by any incomplete documents.
G.      If the successful applicant is a foreign national, you are required to submit a certificate of criminal conduct issued by your national security agency as a document for implementing your background check. You are responsible for the delay in appointment due to the lack of documentation.(In the case of the FBI, the applicant must apply directly to the security agency using finger prints, and it may take some 10 weeks to receive a certificate.)
H.     Contact the Office of Academic Affairs or each department office for further information:

  Official Website:

  Tel. +82-55-772-0124


  501 Jinju-daero, Jinju-si, Gyeongnam, 52828, Republic of Korea

VIII.          Recruitment Process

Announcement Application Intake Document Screening Committee Specialization Judging Committee (Specialization Examination) College Judging Committee(1st) Specialization Judging Committee (Open Seminar) College Judging Committee(2nd) University Judging Committee Foreign Language Proficiency Examining Committee   Interview Committee Determination of the final candidates(Jan. 12, 2018)



Elimination process

(Number of Candidates)


Date of Announcement

Screening process

Screening of required qualifications

Qualified through

Nov. 27 ~ 29, 2017

Nov. 29, 2017

Specialization Judging Committee (Specialization Examination)

Evaluation on suitability between subject area and candidates qualification: must acquire 80 out of 100 from two-thirds of examiners

Candidates scoring at least 60 out of 80 will be ranked according to score and selected according to rank

Three times the number of vacancies

Nov. 30 ~ Dec. 8, 2017

Dec. 14, 2017

College Judging Committee(1st)

Screening its specialty


Dec. 11 ~ 14, 2017


Open Seminar

Judging for its field

Ranking three times

Dec. 15 ~ 22, 2017


College Judging Committee(2nd)

Screening its specialty


Dec. 26 ~ 28, 2017


University Judging Committee

Assessment of Eligibility


Jan. 3, 2018

Jan. 3, 2018

Foreign Language Proficiency Examining Committee

(English is Compulsory)

Interview in Foreign Languages

Two times the number of vacancies

Jan. 8 ~ 10, 2018


Interview Committee


(6 out of 10)

Two times the number of vacancies

Jan. 8 ~ 10, 2018


Final Selection

Anyone who gets the highest score


Equal to the number of vacancies


Jan. 12, 2018

* If there are fewer applicants than the number of openings, or are fewer applicants who achieve the passing score, it is possible that fewer people will be employed than the number of opening positions.

* Foreign language proficiency examination and interview will be organized on the same day.

* The schedules above are subject to change.

IX.   Contact Information

College(Graduate School)



(+82: Country Code)


Main Administration Office

Dept. of Academic Affairs


Main office

College of Business Administration

International Trade


Administration office


October 27, 2017



 Institution Name  Gyeongsang National University
Location  Jinju-si, Gyeongnam, Republic of Korea
 Posted on  October 31, 2017
 Deadline  November 15, 2017
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