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Full-time Faculty Positions: Open Invitations

Kyungsung University

Kyungsung University, one of the most famous universities in Busan, is currently hiring assistant professors (non-tenure track full-time positions) for the Spring Semester of 2018 (March 1st, 2018).

Kyungsung University is located near Gwanglli Beach in Busan and has about 16 thousand students. At present, over 20 talented and experienced foreign professors teach at the College of Creative Human Resource at Kyungsung University.

1. Subject Areas:

a. Specialized Major: English Conversation
b. Position: Assistant Professor (non-tenure track)
c. Department: School of Liberal Arts Education, College of Creative Human Resources
e. Openings: 4
f. Minimum Qualifications: Master’s Degrees or higher AND at least one of the following:
1) Master’s Degree Holders: 2 years of teaching/research experience at 4-year universities, government agencies or research institutes after obtaining the Masters’ Degree(s).
2) Doctorate Degree
3) Majors: any, although English, Communications or other related majors are preferred

2. Qualifications
a. Applicants must be able begin work on March 1st, 2018 with a valid visa.
b. Teaching experiences at private institutions (hagwon), tutoring (paid/unpaid), or through EPIK do NOT count as minimum qualifications for the purpose if this application.
c. The designated application form and documents must be submitted. Failure to submit the application form by the deadline may lead to any other documents being disregarded without notification to the applicants.
d. Applicants must be eligible for appointment under rules and regulations governing private universities and satisfy the requirements for employment as set by the Korean government.
e. Applicants must be able to conduct lessons in English.

3. Screening Procedure
Screening will be based on application documents and interviews. Applicants living abroad can interview through Skype or submit video files instead of in-person interviews.

4. Application Process & Required Application Forms

1) Application Form
2) Cover letter
※ Please be clear about your background and positions.
3) Resume
4) Research work such as dissertations, published journal articles, etc.
5) Degree Diplomas (M.A., Ph.D.): 1 copy of each
6) Proof of Employment (to verify the work experience applicants have outlined in the applications): 1 copy of each, which must be issued within the last 3 months.
‒ work duration and job positions also need to be shown on the proof of employment.
7) Academic Transcripts (B.A., M.A., Ph.D.): 1 copy of each
8) Lecture Synopsis (see the application form)
‒ your syllabus for Spring 2018 Semester
‒ 4 recent color photographs (3cm x 4cm or passport size)
- other documents to verify experience or activities relevant to this position.
9) Agreement to Collect and Use Personal Information (download at:
※ If applicants do not sign and submit the Agreement to Collect and Use Personal Information, their applications may be denied. Please sign the form before submission.

5. Please submit all the application documents by mail or in person to the following addresses.

a. all the documents must arrive by 14:00 on Tuesday, January23rd, 2018.
※ Local time in Korea (GMT +9)

b. e-mail address for
⁜ Please include the following information in the subject line if submitting via e-mail: name, recent degree, and years of teaching experience (ex. David, MA in Communication, 4 years at Univ.)
c. University’s address for in-person submission: #504 Office of Liberal Arts Education, The Genesis Building (Bldg. 30), Kyungsung University, 309 Suyeong—Ro (Daeyeon—Dong), Nam—Gu, Busan 608—736, Republic of Korea.
5. The following documents need to be submitted after the completion of the screening procedure, which includes the interview:
a. A criminal background check (CRC) issued by the applicant’s home country with an attached apostille.
b. The Korean government requires official criminal checks from the applicant’s home country’s government, and cannot be issued by Korean consulates and offices.
— U.S: FBI CJIS DIVISION (Federal Bureau of Investigations)
— Canada: Royal Canadian Mounted Police
— New Zealand: Ministry of Justice website,
— The records must be affixed with the relevant nation’s Apostille.
※ Please obtain the criminal records check in advance as it could take some time to acquire.

6 Employment Conditions and Benefits
a. The initial contract will be for one year starting on March 1st, 2018. The position is non‒tenure track and renewable after the initial contract is over.
b. Salary commensurate with degrees and work experience: over ₩24 million per year.
c. Unfurnished, single housing is provided. Size and location may vary and must be chosen by Kyungsung University.
※ If the successful applicant has his/her own housing, he/she will be given a stipend of ₩350,000 per month.
d. Basic medical insurance as provided for all staff and faculty members of Kyungsung University.
e. Severance pay is provided, based on the pension law for private university staff/faculty members.
f. Minimum of 12 teaching hours (50-minute lectures) per week during the semester. Successful applicants will receive overtime pay for extra teaching hours and activities.

7. Note
a. All documents must arrive by 14:00 on Tuesday on January 23rd, 2018.
b. Applicants must be eligible for the appointment based on regulations governing private universities and satisfy the requirements for employment as required by the Korean government.
c. Positions may not be filled if there are not qualified candidates.
d. If an applicant is found unqualified due to fraud or by omission, his/her application will be immediately rejected.
e. Only shortlisted applicants will be notified individually via e-mail for an interview.
f. All application documents other than in English or Korean must be notarized/apostilled by your home countries.
g. Contact
1) Tel. +82—51—663—4028
3) Address: #504 Office of Liberal Arts Education, The Genesis Building (Bldg. #30), Kyungsung University, 309 Suyeong—Ro (Daeyeon—Dong), Nam—Gu, Busan 608—736, Republic of Korea

 Institution Name  Kyungsung University
Location  Busan, South Korea
 Posted on  January 16, 2018
 Deadline  January 23, 2018
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